Freedom Fighters of Karnataka


This is a list of prominent leaders from Karnataka who assumed leadership roles during India's epic freedom struggle against the British. When available, the names have been hyper-linked to the portraits or biographies on Kamat's Potpourri website.

It is important to remember that at the time of India's freedom (in 1947) there was no Karnataka as we know today. Instead, it was scattered in twenty different administrative blocks, kingdoms and administrations. Many historians have felt that in fighting for India, the people of Karnataka were fighting for Karnataka itself.

This is a long list, and an incomplete one at that (please suggest additions to Contact Kamats). But I felt compelled to start this list to remember the people who sacrificed their careers, savings, and family lives to build the nation of India and unite Karnataka as a state. It includes lawyers, teachers, social workers, and many journalists and writers who took to activism to spread the gospel of freedom in rural Karnataka.

-Vikas Kamat

Not listed in any particular order.


Women Freedom Fighters of Karnataka